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V4F produced a Frome Community Plan - view and download here:


Frome Community Plan 2008:2028


Project Factlist 2009



V4F Frome's Chairman's update, as at June 18.


Firstly,  apologies for the length of time this site has been without update.


V4F's work has progressively diminished as our commendably pro-active Town Council has engaged closer and closer with the Frome community and its great wealth of groups and activities.  The coverage of this engagement has focused on a wide range of community issues and objectives, and has used the Community Plan as a valuable source of information in setting out their programmes.  The V4F Management Team has maintained close association with the Council's community activities, not least through a "Participate Frome" community consultation activity in 2013, and a subsequent jointly funded Community Plan update in 2014.  Maintaining interest, or indeed the need for productive acivities, became more difficult and indeed unnecessary in motivating the V4F Management Team, all of them having spent 7 or 8 years or in my case 9 years involved.   Because of this high level of Council activity it became clear that that they were now best placed to become custodians of the Community Plan, and to harmonize any necessary updates with their future programme of community engagement.  An MOU with the Council has therefore been drawn up, agreed, and is in force, whereby V4F becomes a dormant intiative, which could be resurrected in the future if such a need were to be identified. The Management Team is now stood down, and for a limited period of time I will remain a point of contact for any residual community or other interest, or need for information, about V4F, its history and its past work.


To now give some of this history.


The Plan is the result of considerable work and the input of the people of Frome, providing over 3,000 responses to the consultations that took place in spring 2008. The plan was delivered to Frome Town Council in May 2009.


The work didn't stop there. In fact, that was just the beginning and the Plan is now a significant point of reference for Council and community work. After its delivery to the Council, V4F continued to have a positive role in promoting the achievement of the Plan’s Aims, Objectives and projects wherever it could; this was very neessary, as the Town Council of the day effectively shelved the Plan, and took little notice of it.  It was not until the new council in 2011 that it was taken off their shelf and used as a prime source of future work.


The great majority of the Plan remains current, even though it was delivered 9 years ago.  However, a number of further Town Council consultations have taken place since then, focused on a variety of specific areas of concern to the Frome community, and are currently still adressed within the council's Panels dealing with the Town's cleanliness, wellbeing, sports and leisure facilities and developmen of the Town Centre.  The V4F residual funds, all provided via governemental sources, have been passed over to the Town Council to be ring fenced for use on future updates.  It is also understood that the council is considerding another Frome Community consultation on how Frome should develop, especially in the light of a number of current housing development proposals, and the need to keep work, commerce, community services and the parking, road and transport infrastructure in step.  This again could have an impact on the Community Plan's update, or to highlight that these type of issues are still within the Plan and therefore showing it is still quite curent in its scope.



V4F used to send out periodic information emails to inform and alert a wide V4F contact list of opportunities and information on a large variety of subjects relevant to community activity and needs e.g funding, training, consultations, charity and health initiatives and much more.  With V4F now dormant this is now no longer done.  However, any queries on V4F as it is now, or its past work, can be sent to me at: