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Welcome to the Vision for Frome website

V4F produced a Frome Community Plan - view and download here:


Frome Community Plan 2008:2028


Project Factlist 2009



The Plan is the result of considerable work and the input of the people of Frome, providing over 3,000 responses to the consultations that took place in spring 2008. The plan was delivered to Frome Town Council in May 2009.


The work didn't stop there. In fact, that was just the beginning and the Plan is now a significant point of reference for Council and community work. V4F continues to have a positive role in promoting the achievement of the Plan’s Aims, Objectives and projects wherever it can. We hope you will help get involved with making things happen in Frome, to realise what the plan hopes to achieve, and perhaps with V4F activities directly!


We are confident that the great majority of the Plan remains current, even though it was delivered 6 years ago.  However, a number of further Town Council consultations have taken place since then, focused on a variety of specific areas of concern to the Frome community, and are currently again underway via Panels dealing with the Town's cleanliness, wellbeing, sports and leisure facilities and developmen of the Town Centre.  So we have made a start to review the results of these consultations, and to match them against the Community Plan to validate its currency, and to update and refresh it where necessary.  Once this is complete we will assess to what degree, if any, further focused or more general community consultations may be needed to complete the refresh. 


As a Community-based group, with the aim to keep the Community Plan current, we are always pleased to receive views, comments, aspirations or concerns about  the projects or objectives the Plan does or should contain, to help the town develop in a wholly positive way over the next twenty years.  The email below, or better still our "contact us" page, enables anyone to do this.  Depending on the response, and with the aim to have a constructive and considerate debate where needed, we are considering adding a "Comments" Page.  If, when contacting us, you think this would be a good thing to do, then please say so, and indicate if you are happy for your input to go on the Page, and whether it can be attributed or not.  Note, it will not be a direct input, but will reach us by email, for us to then reply, and to manage (N.B. moderate not censor)  its inclusion on the "Comments" page as necessary .  


V4F also sends out periodic information emails to inform and alert a wide V4F contact list of opportunities and information on a large variety of subjects relevant to community activity and needs e.g funding, training, consultations, charity and health initiatives and much more.  Please email us if you would like to be on this list.


Email your views and enquiries to