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Cheese and Grain Refurbishment Summer 2013

The refurbishment of the Cheese and Grain is scheduled to commence the first week in August. The box office will be relocated to the side of the stage in the main hall. It will remain open throughout the refurbishment period. All the markets and other events shall run as usual. It is envisaged that both the cafe and the bar will be operating in the main hall. All the building works are scheduled to be finished by the end of November. If you are interested in booking the hall, any of the new seminar rooms in the brand new mezzanine, please contact the office on 455 768 or visit the Cheese and Grain website.

V4F News Update ... July 2013

With more and more activity coming from the Town Council and its staff on its Strategic Plan projects, where necessary with other community groups, V4F’s direct work remains one of tracking where these projects meet Community Plan objectives, and networking within and outside the town to help facilitate progress. The appointment by the Council of a Community Projects Officer, to work with Frome communities to deliver and support socially and environmentally sustainable projects, is another step in this process. Of significant interest to V4F, a number of Plans with relevance to the Community Plan are coming forward in the near future from both the Town and District councils. Notably, these are the Neighbourhood Plan from the Town Council for consultation before submission to the District council, and the District Council’s own, revised, Local Plan.

Of more concern to us right now, is the final failure of the Somerset Towns Forum to secure any County Council funding, not withstanding many very good testimonials on its activities from its members and users. There is therefore a strong possibility that STF activities will cease after September. V4F is the town’s member of this Forum, and we have been exploring whether there is sufficient will, and funding at a much lower level, for the STF members to keep the Forum going via self-help. So far we have had good support in the town, and have given a “yes” to the STF Steering Group.

The progress on improving the facilities in the Old Showground, using S106 money specifically allocated for this purpose, continues, slowly. The final proposals are now ready for submission to the District Council for them to provide the necessary approvals and release of money.

In the last News Update we reported that V4F has been party to an initiative to investigate if a Community Bus service can be instituted to provide a regular service around town, mainly to assist attendance at the new Medical Centre. Some town areas to the North West and South West are not served by a commercial around town bus service, and other business areas like the Commerce Park are similarly poorly served. This need is perhaps becoming more apparent, as it is now seems that instead of improving the service to our Medical facility the commercial bus operators look likely to reduce them. Where and if we can help provide better access to the Medical Centre for those that need affordable and available transport we will try to do so.We have also started a long outstanding task to go through all 130 plus projects that underpin the Community Plan, to try to get a good current snapshot of how well, or otherwise, implementation of the Plan’s content is progressing. This will take a substantial amount of work, and will need input and review by many other groups and people in the town.

V4F, with other town members, continues to attended useful outside events, see the “Events” section.

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