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Community Plan Update

Last year Frome Town Council ran two consultation activities within the Frome community, "Participate Frome", which was community wide, and a "Frome Youth Consultation".  The information produced on what Frome and its young people now want to see happen in the town was a good basis for V4F to look at the content of the Frome Community plan 2008 - 20028, to gauge whether it was still current or if it needs a bit of a refresh.

We therefore joined with the Town Council to have a consultant review the details and reports from these two consultations, and identfiy where, if actually needed, the Community Plan needs amendment. This work is now complete and has shown that the Plan is still very current.  Only three new objectives were required, and an additional 15 projects to add to the existing 130; some projects are now complete or are no longer applicable.  

Subseqent work was to be considered based on the many other such consultations in focused areas that have been done since the May 2009 Plan delivery date.  It was also to be assessed if any further new and open community consultation is needed.  One thing we don't want to do is spend money and people's time to go through similar consultations as were done previously to get the same result and add to general "consultation fatigue".

However, this work has been put on hold pending better visibility on what the newly elected Town Council intends to do, in setting out its strategy for its four year programme.  It is understood that some document or plan is likely to emerge dealing with both the short and longer term needs within the town.

The means by which the Council aims to do its business has also changed quite radically, with a focus on Panels where specific subject areas are addressed (e.g. Wellbeing & the Town Centre).  The task of the Panels is to provide recommendatins for a monthly full Town Council meeting to deall with.  V4F looks forward to taking a full part in these Panels, using the Community Plan as it is as a point of reference, and assessing where the results of the panels may need to be assimilated into an updated Community Plan.

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