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Community Plan Contributions

2018 Update

There has been previous questioning as to what the effort and cost to generate the Community Plan has actually achieved.  Well quite a lot actually, and it has the potential to contribute a great deal more, and this is what kept us interested and active.  To summarize, its positive contribution has included:

- The objectives in the Plan have been the basis for the previous Town Council's Strategic Plan for their 4 year programme, typically in such areas as the Neighbourhood Plan and Town Design Statement, the Town Centre Remodelling, the Energy and Waste initiatives, marketing the town, making the most of the town's markets, development of the river side with the Friends of the River Frome, and several more. See our documents section for the report produced on the scheme for the river. 

-  Support for the F.R.O.G.S. successful funding submision to develop the Welshmill area for young people.

- Support for the successful Cheese and Grain's intitial development funding submission. 

- Support for the successful Cheese and Grain submission for funds for equipment in the community room parts of their new develoment.

- Support for the submission for initial funding of the Cultural Quarter scheme.

- The objectives within the Plan to make the most of the town's green spaces was the spur for V4F to take the initiative and prompt the District Council to actively progress the use of Section 106 money to improve the community facilities on the Old Show ground.  V4F offered to run a consultation on what these improvements might be, but in the end assisted the Town Council to do this with time and £500 funding. The progress on this has now picked up, with the Town Council acquiring the site, the Village Green application being withdrawn, and a return to a further round of consultations to confirm what the community wants to see on the site and in what priority.

- An anlaysis of what Saxonvale could provide to meet the Plan's projects and objectives, to help inform the debate and the review of submitted development plans. 

- An analysis of what the Community Plan wishes to see in improved road and pedestrian layouts, to support community discussion and a related plan on local transport needs.   See our documents section for the Transport Plan produced, and a report on what is needed to make the town more "disabled - Marginalized Group" friendly,.

- The Plan has provided some support for a town Renewable Energy Group, which has now become FRECo.

-  Latterly, with the new Town Council running its Panels (see the news article above), extracts from the Community Plan and its Project list are available to assist the Panels in their considerations.

2018 Update

There is little to add to the above, which was an indicator that V4F's work had become overtaken by the many Town Council, Frome Community, initiatives, and brought a big wind down of its work, to the point where the Council now has custodianship of the Plan.  The Plan remains an important and useful point of reference, is still deemed suitable for update to keep it so, through to its planned end date of 2028.

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